November 23

no, you don't have a say in the matter / this way we'll emerge only slightly battered / you were right about one thing- there's no need to say it / the goodbye is implied. i won't try to erase it. / part of me is yours, and a part of you mine / we can let go and topple down from cloud nine / knowing it'll be true til the day that we die / that this moment, soon our past, is forever intertwined. / i won't say i'll miss you, because that would mean you're gone / we'll still be together as long as i play this song.

goodbye. this time, for real and for good... we don't have any reason to be sorry :)

November 22

pour la dernière fois
Clearly, none of this is clear / it’s easy to forget as long as you aren’t near / false hope will be the downfall of us all / can we finally be sure that this one will be the last call? / goodbye is kind of difficult for you I know / you think there’ll perpetually be a new hello. / we’ll never be ready at this rate but let’s keep it concise /count to three, set me free, and hurry back to paradise.

we should probably make up our minds. goodbye? 

November 9

The Lack Thereof

waste not, want not, that’s what they’re saying / the years fading, I’m dizzy and swaying / burdened with the weight of time, resources, youth / it feels like I’m wasting it all on a drowsy  sweet tooth. / my soul trudges on past my apathetic ambitions, or lack thereof / leaden and idle till the day push comes to shove. 

October 30

Frozen Daisies. 

outside, it's getting colder by the day / inside you could probably say the same / it's the kind of chill you can feel inside your bones / the kind of frost  that'll leave you shivering all alone / the kind of ice that shatters into pieces if you're lazy  / more irreparable than the falling petals of the frozen daisies.

it's building and building, but up to what? in the movies, these families are time bombs. 
please get better.

the gray colours outdoors hold back my soul

October 27

I am just an embellished reflection / slowly the lies are eroding within / still I’m scared that you’ll see into my heart / What does my love mean when my soul is a fraud? / And what worth has caring if my care is a façade?

i've been thinking for twenty days. honestly, if this mask has any effect, wouldn't its purpose counter effect its goal? 

October 7

Our faces are warm as we gaze up and up into / the deep, infinite, unfathomable blue. / When I close my eyes I can float light as air / ascending forever under the sunlight's glare / more distant than the birds, higher than my fears, farther than the past... closer to the heart that I let go.

We laid there talking for an hour with our bodies in the grass and our hearts in the sky. Beautiful moments like these are perfect spent with friends like you. 

October 1

Seeing your smiling face for the last time has doubled me over/ set me to sea, tossing in the foam of memories I’ve acquired / I know that this is not the last time / but it’s the finality of knowing you’ll never be mine / I always thought this feeling would bring only pain / so will this wary relief in my heart ever wane? / you broke me to pieces too long ago / so now that I’ve recovered I’m ready to let go. / seeing your smiling face for the last time has doubled me over / set me to sea, tossing in the foam of memories we’ve acquired / til far so far away I’ll wash ashore / a better person than I was before. 

I saw you again, and I finally don't care.