November 23

no, you don't have a say in the matter / this way we'll emerge only slightly battered / you were right about one thing- there's no need to say it / the goodbye is implied. i won't try to erase it. / part of me is yours, and a part of you mine / we can let go and topple down from cloud nine / knowing it'll be true til the day that we die / that this moment, soon our past, is forever intertwined. / i won't say i'll miss you, because that would mean you're gone / we'll still be together as long as i play this song.

goodbye. this time, for real and for good... we don't have any reason to be sorry :)

November 22

pour la dernière fois
Clearly, none of this is clear / it’s easy to forget as long as you aren’t near / false hope will be the downfall of us all / can we finally be sure that this one will be the last call? / goodbye is kind of difficult for you I know / you think there’ll perpetually be a new hello. / we’ll never be ready at this rate but let’s keep it concise /count to three, set me free, and hurry back to paradise.

we should probably make up our minds. goodbye? 

November 9

The Lack Thereof

waste not, want not, that’s what they’re saying / the years fading, I’m dizzy and swaying / burdened with the weight of time, resources, youth / it feels like I’m wasting it all on a drowsy  sweet tooth. / my soul trudges on past my apathetic ambitions, or lack thereof / leaden and idle till the day push comes to shove.