Lyrics from August

I’ll just abandon my principles / You leave me vulnerable but invincible / so why do I feel that your smile is to kill?

Redefine (this is a poem, not a song...) 
You give new meaning to the words I write
The Songs I play, my dreams at night
my words, my life, you redefine

Its always I little harder when youre the one waving goodbye / when youre the one who doesn’t get to cry / killer, victim-  what about in between / in this black and white world, the gray is an open seam / so what if all I am is gray, no white or black in the light of day / in the shadows ill be content, till the sun exposes my less than white tint / so go ahead, try to fit me in your labeled boxes / stuff me into your miscellaneous forgottens

you are the sparkle in my eyes, and when it rains you're my one sunshine / you're the only one who makes me feel this way / like I could take on the world, as long as you're here to stay / so here I am smiling like a fool / I love you so, let's forget the rules

a thousand songs, a million words at best / to describe this feeling in my chest / if we could just be still for a moment, and figure out what we feel / cause now my racing heartbeat seems a bit surreal / the days of silent uncertainty are worth it for these golden minutes / when I think there might be something in this / we can make this work if you say / I love you the same way. / what would you think of you heard this song? / I think that you've known it all along / so let's not think, we can forget our past / right now is what I want to last. / just kick of your shoes and sway in time / to the beat of the music and our hearts entwined / this is what I live for, do you agree? / this could be everything, you'll see / how do you do this to me?

the sweetness of this dream / is enough to make it sting / I can't bear these images in my head / steel myself against love, heart of led.

you see my try to hold back my smile / you know how much I wish this would last a while.

here i am, summer seems miles away / scorching a trail through our lives, fast as it can / faster and faster, speeding up till today / ill lay down in the sun and find ice were there was sand.

Seeing you no longer holds the same weight/ the flutters once inside are now like claws as they scrape / My heart, which I know must be wrong / ‘cause all you’ve left me are tears and a song.

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