Lyrics written back in June.

The walls are closing in / claustrophobic in my own skin / theres no one holding me back but me / but I won’t break down my own walls just to see / I cant let the cold get in, but I’m the one made of ice / I’m digging my own grave with my life / I’m twisted inside with my self-imposed contradictions / about to burst from the wars fought within / so who will free my imprisoned pain / when you’re the only one with a key to the chains?

Im sick of writing songs for you / pointless words, what can they do? / I’ve always known it, but why did I / pretend it wouldn’t hurt to die

Still helpless to your carefree smile / while you are free, soaring miles and miles / away from the cage where ive locked myself in / only you had the key, now ill never fly again

I suppose this would be prettier / if I was able to walk away / but cant you see what you’ve done to me? / I’m paralyzed, no choice but to stay / you have left me crippled and that is my own fault / but now I have to, yet I can’t, simply stand and walk.

You can’t make the world go away / just by closing your eyes / sooner or later you’ll have to awake, and / open or closed they still cry. One day when the rain is done, and we can finally see the sun / it’ll dry your eyes so you can see / that you and I were never floating  / even drowning wasn’t enough / and in your tears we have sunk.

Every  chord I play, every note I write, is just another stab in my chest / the one thing I treasured most I have come to detest /its been you’re fault all along / cause I hate this song. 

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