Lyrics from July

Would you just turn off your phone / cause this is all we’ve ever known / you can just, let, go / Oh you can bet, that I love these lazy days / we don’t have to think, we’ll just lay in the waves / I can’t remember when I last had a care / my world is made of the sand and the wind in our hair / so let’s just forget, and count the ways / that we love these lazy days

You, you make my every step falter / and you, you are the reason I’m not her / I’ll never be , what she was to you / but still you act like there’s something to prove / and I can’t figure this out. / theres just too many doubts / so as much as I care, and I melt under your stare, in love not everything is fair / Don’t worry, we’re already lost / Cause you’re a rolling stone and I’m just moss.

you took my simple words and you made them hurt, you never knew / you dried the tears in my eyes, but how could you know you caused them too? / how could you say, this is easy? / when this is playing with my heart / how could you walk away so easily, this is tearing me apart.

Little girl, I know that this is hard / but I also know that you, you are so strong / so don’t be afraid to hold your head up high / don’t give any weight to the struggles you pass by / oh I have seen those eyes cry. / and I will be here till the day you die. / so let yourself fall asleep in my arms / dear sister, you were born to carry on.

Well I can see the earth beneath us / but id rather not sink down / any deeper, in our atmosphere of sound / your voice and your song and my voice and our song / if we never stop smiling in this world we’ll belong. / oh the music, in my heart it resounds / with you, I’ll never return to the ground. You hold my breath with your sweet voice / you are the wings that have let me soar / and in all the noise, somehow silently we rejoice / at the mellifluous quiet of our simple perfect choice.

Get over your inhibitions, with every chord i play / here’s your open window, now im trying to forgive / I’ll push you out, ‘cause you know what they say: / everyone dies but not everybody lives

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