Lyrics written in April.

we’re in between, a seasonal gap / almost summer and still looking back / multicolor feelings, now the dancefloor is spinning / run away so they won’t see my resolve thinning

you color my gray monotony / you don’t need their eyes to see / smile for their hot-air-balloon pride/ cause you know enough to take your own side

you’re the answer to my question / but still I’ll always come in second / her warped question mark winds between / so you’ll never solve this mystery / enough is enough but it’s all in your head / when you can’t take anymore remember what you said: / you’re the answer / to every question / make me wish / we still had those seconds / to be, just be / surely you can see / it through my eyes, I’m mixed up by your prize, stand closer but move further, you could never, never, never be mine… but you’ve been asking the wrong question your whole life.       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the sun is shining just because it can/ the sky, the brightest kind of cyan / and now the world is prettier when it’s filled with the sounds / of your music and your heart as it pounds / because love is in the air / but is there any left to share? / first there was us and then there was none / will I ever be the only one for anyone

Bad Weather
you're a raindrop in the desert sky, you're a snowflake in the heat of july / you're out of place, you don't make sense, hiding behind your flawed pretense / cluttered feelings and bad choices made, losing yourself in your twisted masquerade / make up your mind boy you keep messing up / get over yourself cause enough is enough. You have your problems / but so do we all / there is no excuse / for the way that you fall / you could make this better, this rainy day couldn’t get any wetter / where has your heart escaped? / soon your thunderstorm  / is going to blow you away.

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